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Hazards of Artificial Hair

Dr. Rajesh Rajput was the first Indian scientist to make his own artificial hair from polyamide (nylon) and PBT. He presented his work on artificial fibers with 1 year follow up at the Japan Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons in June 1998. The work highlighted the problems and pitfalls of artificial hair implants.

The sincere presentation was appreciated with a special certificate. Later the use of artificial hair was stopped and these implants were banned by US – FDA. At present the artificial hair implants are banned in all European countries and most nations with scientific awareness among their citizens.

Why artificial hair implants are banned all over the world?

The artificial hair is made of nylon (polyamide).

  • The skin forms a pit around the nylon fiber and eventually throws it out in 8 – 12 months.
  • All the multiple pits at the base of each hair get filled up with skin secretions, sebum, dead exfoliated cells, sweat, dirt and debris forming a potential for infection. If one site gets infected all the 1000 – 2000 hairs get infected in 48 hrs.
  • The patient has to visit the clinic every 3-4 weeks to get these pits cleaned and remove the dirt like cleaning acne lesions.
  • To prevent the nylon fiber from being thrown off by the body, it is anchored with a knot. The knot causes chronic irritation of the skin redness, itching, exudation and fibrosis.
  • Patients react to the polymer itself and develop infection and reaction termed as Pseudofolliculitis. This is chronic and cannot be cured unless the artificial hair is removed.
  • Removal of the artificial hair is difficult because the knot is entangled in fibrosis under the skin.
  • By repeated bending, combing, handling, washing the artificial hair may break and then the knot is retained in the skin forming repeated cysts and infection until an expert surgeon cores out the tissue and devotedly removes each and every hair that was implanted.
  • Artificial hair can stick to the skin in case of burns. It has to be carefully protected against heat, sweat, dirt, dust, rain, excessive rubbing and handling all lifelong. THE USE OF ARTIFICIAL HAIR IMPLANTS IS BANNED IN USA, CANADA, EUROPE, JAPAN, KOREA, FRANCE, GERMANY and most developed countries of the world.


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Hazards of Artificial Hair