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Welcome To Dr. Rajesh Rajput Hair Restoration Clinic


Dr. Rajesh Rajput Hair Restore team has been doing hair transplants since 1992, now after 25 years it is an advanced facility dedicated to Hair regrowth & Hair Transplants in India. Located in the commercial capital of India and in the Bollywood suburb of Bandra west, right at Pali Hill Market, Mumbai.

Hair Growth without Hair Transplant:

No drugs, no anti hormones, no enzyme blockers, no side effects, use of Vitamins, effective Herbals, FDA approved Hair growth Laser and Hair Transplant are combined according to the requirement of the patients along with diet and lifestyle modification emphasizing on every aspect of growing your hair back.

Inventor of Cyclical Vitamin Therapy:

With the pioneering Cyclical Vitamin Therapy, patients with grade I – grade IV hair loss may not need a hair transplant al all. Beyond grade IV, the comprehensive approach produces hair transplant results comparable to any advanced centres around the world. The unique approach also prevents the need for repeated hair transplants every 2-3 years.

Patients from all around the world:

Dr. Rajesh Rajput Hair Restore not only caters to the show biz people of Mumbai but also cities from all over India plus NRI’s & foreign nationals, all this being offered at very affordable cost. To date we have done hair transplants for over 5000 patients from 5 continents of the world, 42 countries and 730 cities. Patients having their first sitting in New York, Los Angeles, Huston, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Paris, European cities, Thailand, Dubai, often have chosen us for a 2nd sitting. The feedback shows they have found our technique to be practically have very little pain, very well organized, smooth ride with personal care, comparable or better than the previous experience. Most appreciated fact is that we keep only one case in a day and Dr. Rajesh Rajput is always with the patients for all the steps of the procedure.

Facilities to deliver the best care:

Dr. Rajesh Rajput Hair Restore Centre has all the sophisticated equipment run by efficient team of highly qualified and skill full Hair transplant surgeons, providing state of the art Hair transplant surgery in India. The Operation theatre has paired Mantis Microscopes, best in the world, specially designed for hair transplant. Centralized temperature and humidity control. LED cold lights, antistatic flooring, ergonomic designed work platform with individual lights for each graft cutter. Well padded soft gel supports for the patient’s face, neck and back. A chair seat massager is offered in the post lunch session to ease the patients back. These facilities were introduced in India by Dr. Rajesh Rajput. We use less than 0.9-0.8 mm punches to harvest the grafts with minimum trauma, no stitches required, low pain levels and quick healing.