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Why The Dr. R Rajput Is Right Choice

  • Performed over 3,500 transplant procedures for patients from all over the world with guaranteed 95% success rate.
  • Plans the hairline, defines layout and implants the grafts personally, this is not left to technicians and nurses as is customary in many western centers.
  • Special formulated local anesthesia & use of very fine needles makes the procedure.
  • No swelling, minimal unnoticeable scar, no bald area at the back of the head, no shaving required.
  • 2,000 – 3,500 grafts to transfer over 5,000 – 8,000 hair in single sitting.
  • In case of weak, thin slow growing hair, pre-conditioning of the hair, control hair loss & strengthening roots with 2-4 months of Cyclical medicine before surgery ensures good results.
  • Use cold packs, pain control vibrators and extra fine needles for painless procedure.
  • World Class MANTIS microscopes for Graft preparation.
  • Low Light Laser Therapy Before and After Transplant for better healing and early hair growth.
  • Dedicated hair transplant room with temperature and humidity control, ergonomically designed cutting platform, cold lights, reclining chair for patient comfort, ceiling lights with heat filters, preventing any damage to the grafts.

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