The Facts About Hair Transplantation

We live in a society which views good hair as a sign of good health. Especially, for a woman, a long hair is a sign of her femininity. So it is really challenging to live in this society with alopecia or hair loss problems. Both men and women suffer from hair loss at some point of time. This leads to self- consciousness, frustration, change in appearance, embarrassment, and many other problems.

Therefore, when you observe more hair loss than people normally have and slowly hair becoming thinner, it would be beneficial to consult a specialist. They generally recommend a hair transplant.


Now, before going for hair transplantation, you should clear your conception about this treatment. This is a surgical technique that removes the hair that is already in the no hair area. After that, the hair follicle from the genetically resistant to the balding area is taken to the balding area of the scalp.

The part from which the hair follicle is taken is called the “donor site” and the part in which it is placed is called the “recipient site”. Both men and women are suitable for undergoing this procedure. But there are some important facts which you should know about hair transplantation. They are:


  • A person is suitable for hair transplant only if he/she has an adequate supply of donor’s hair which is enough to fill the present and future balding or hair loss area. It is very difficult to assess this factor when the person is very young. So it is advisable to wait until you turn 25.
  • A person who is suffering from permanent hair loss is a candidate for the transplant.
  • A person who have a reasonable expectation and who knows about the limitations of the procedure is the best candidate for hair transplant. This procedure does not prevent further hair fall from the non-transplanted area. So if the person is actively losing hair, the hair loss process will continue in the same pattern.
  • A person should not have a severe pattern male baldness family history.
  • The ideal candidate for the hair transplant is the one who still has hair remaining in the back and sides of the head as compared to the front and the crown part.


  • It helps in eliminating baldness. Now, you don’t have to worry about the bald spots on your scalp. You will not have faster hair growth but it is much better than going bald.
  • It requires a very low maintenance. It works just as naturally grown hair. Therefore it is not required to use any special shampoos.
  • You don’t have to visit the doctor repeatedly as it is a one-time process.
  • You also don’t have to worry about the cost of the surgery. As it is a one-time procedure, you don’t have to spend repeatedly as compared to those of other hair treatments.

Expecting a permanent and cost-effective solution to your hair loss problem? Get hair transplantation!