Vitamins – The best Therapy for Hair Growth

In today’s world, hair loss is a major problem maximum people are facing. There are several causes like poor diet, some illness, medications, hormonal changes, or any styling products. These causes interrupt the natural hair growth cycle and prevent the hair from growing. For women hair loss can be temporary but for men hair loss is generally permanent leading to stress, depression, and self-consciousness.

About 50% of people are suffering from hair loss problems. The symptoms of hair loss in women are hair thinning or more visible scalp. For men it is baldness. But you need not worry about it anymore. Correct action in the correct time and taking correct supplements can solve your problem.


Our scalp is a sensitive part of our body. If we don’t pay attention to it, it may start drying, lead to hair fall and may obstruct hair growth. Our scalp requires plenty of oxygen, blood supply, and vitamins to keep our hair healthy. Hair has its own cycle. The deficiency of vitamins may disturb the cycle and hair may become thin and brittle. The solution to this problem is just a proper diet.

A perfect full packed diet can help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. A number of studies have proved that a diet full of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats can protect us from many diseases and cure them. But the question is can vitamins keep our hair healthy? Do they have anything to do with hair growth? Yes, definitely. Actually, there are numerous vitamins that can speed up hair growth, prevent hair fall as well as keep it healthy.


The top essential nutrients that promote healthy and fuller hair are:

  • Biotin – this is a type of vitamin that is best for hair thickness. Biotin helps in the breakdown of proteins, thus strengthening hair. Their deficiency may lead to dry hair, hair breakage, and split ends. This is one of the most powerful vitamins. Nuts and eggs are rich in biotins. But the best sources are hair growth supplements.
  • Vitamin C – this is another powerful vitamin that promotes healthy hair. Foods like citric fruits, milk, bell peppers, tomatoes, are rich in vitamin c. This promotes the production of collagen, the most important factor for hair structure. Thus enhancing hair growth and hair thickness.
  • Vitamin E – it is also a powerful antioxidant. It protects the scalp from disease-causing germs. Thus preventing infections. This also increases the oxygen supply to the scalp. So, it is also a very important ingredient for hair growth.
  • Proteins – proteins are also important ingredients for hair growth. They help in building new cells including the cells responsible for hair growth.
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin) – this helps in keeping the cells that make up hair follicles, healthy, by repairing DNA.

Thus the key to preventing hair loss is making improvements in your diet. If you cannot do that, just contact a good therapist and get the best help with a vitamin rich diet or vitamin supplements. Hurry now!