Unhappy Patients


You have lost 30,000 to 60,000 hair by the time you approach for a hair transplant. Your surgeon tries to place 2000 – 3000 grafts in such a way that it looks fuller or cerates an illusion of fullness. If you part the hair or wet the hair it is going to look thin.

  • You need multiple sitting to fill good number of grafts that will make you really look full.
  • A good surgeon will combine the use of medicines and transplant to grow back 30% of your lost hair and then add new hair to improve density.
  • Medicine and surgery go hand in hand. You cannot plan a transplant because you do not intend to take the medicines.
  • Concentrate the grafts and pack them well in a limited area to give fullness and good density. Trying to cover front, sides, top back everything in one sitting with less number of grafts distributed over a large area still leaves you looking bald. Close filling over a small area is better than spaced out filling over a large area.
  • Do not lower the hair line too much. The front curve of the head easily takes up 400 -500 grafts in just making a few rows. You fall short of grafts on the other areas.
  • Cover the top of the head or vertex by priority to take away the bald look. Lowering the hair line and filling the crown can be done in another sitting.
  • Pre conditioning the hair with medicines to strengthen the roots and improve growth before the transplant and following the medicine after the transplant gives a robust growth.
  • Wait 4 -6 months before planning 2nd sitting, let the first sitting grow, see how it looks and then plan the second sitting.
  • Hair growth starts 4 months after the transplant as new 1-2mm hair. Then it continues to grow 1 – 1.5cm every month. Judge your result 7 -8 months after the transplant.
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A patient after 1 & 1/2 years of transplant complained of raised skin marks seen at the base of the transplanted hair. This can happen to any transplant patient and is a part of the healing process when new grafts are accepted and during the growth of the transplanted hair as it grows through by making its way out of the thick scalp skin. To avoid the skin marks we follow some precautions:

  • De-epitelize all the grafts by removing the epidermis or outer skin to avoid leaving thick skin tissue.
  • Make slim grafts which can be easily placed by 19, 20 & 21 gauze hypodermic needles depending on the size of the graft.
  • Do not use tight bands over the head after the hair transplant causing fluid retention in the scalp which may push the grafts above the skin.
  • Use low dose locally acting triamcinalone mixed in the anesthesia solution to avoid post operative swelling.FEEDBACK FROM UNHAPPY PATIENTS


Just before the transplant I told doctor to place some grafts in the front as well. He has distributed the grafts equally between front and back and now I am looking thinned out on the back. Back was my first priority. When it comes to back and front, doctor tends to give more importance to the front as this presents on first look. But thinning on the back makes you look older. I should have been told that using some grafts in the front will compromise the filling on the back and front area transplant could be refused.

I had a stitchless closure. Healed with no trouble no pain, scar was 1 – 2mm for initial 4 months now it has stretched to 4 – 5mm wide. Doctor says this can happen rarely for one in thousand patients. The scar can be revised or removed in the next sitting. It is hidden inside the hair but I cannot keep my hair very short, it has to be 1 – 2 inches always.

I had one sitting FUE, the scars are multiple small distributed all over the back area, not easily seen. But the cost was 3 -4 times higher and density is less, plus most of the grafts are thin, single hair. I need 2 more sessions to have good density. It is going way out of my budget.

I had some body hair added on the back. These are growing but are very slow. In 1 &1 / 2 year they have grown only an inch or so. Really no point is using body hair.