Why is hair loss increasingly common today?

❑ Competitive Lifestyle Stress, lack of sleep, lack of sports and good breathing exercise.

❑ Poor eating habits—wrong time, wrong choice of food.

❑ Gym supplements, Overuse of Whey Protein, Overuse of Vitamins.

❑ Fad Diets— High Protein, No Carbs, Fat-free Diet.

❑ Restricted eating, Calorie watching, has become a social practice.

❑ Attraction for Sugar foods and processed foods.

❑ Increased pollution in the air, water, and atmosphere.

❑ Depleted Ozone layer exposing to UV rays.

❑ Hormones, antibiotics, in meat – Chicken eaters hair loss.

❑ Fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, in food, fast-growing hybrids.

❑ Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, EDC’s in food products.