1. After improvement with initial 6-8 months of hair fact therapy patients find it boring or cost consuming and tend to drop out.
  2. Now patients can choose to have a low cost maintenance kit to preserve the benefits.
  3. Later if the patient has hair loss due to raise in the causative factors, the regular hair fact kits can if restarted if required.
  4. You can decide from three different combinations below:

NW-Antox kit- for exposure to dust, pollution, bad water, UV rays, AC environment, stress, tea, coffee, alcohol, poor fluid intake etc.

NW-Detox kit- for junk food, high protein diet, fat diets, smoking, pan, tobacco, hookah, night shifts, aircraft cabin crew, lack of sleep, overuse of supplements, etc.

NW- H-Restore kit- for PCOD, thyroid, pattern baldness, signs of androgen excess, irregular menses, oily scalp, acne, skin inflammation, hyper hydrosis, etc.