PRP attempts to draw 20 – 30 cc of blood concentrate the plasma to 4-5 ml, in order to increase the density of growth factors and inject if around it around the hair follicles into the scalp to induce new growth clinically this does not always result in hair growth. Why?

  1. Only inducing hair growth is not enough. You need to proved a toxin free environment and supply the building blocks required for good hair growth, merely inducing growth ends up being incomplete.
  2. PRP is done in patient having poor hair growth. The availability of growth factors in the blood of such patients is already low.
  3. Sometimes the number of platelets can be measured but the concentration of growth factors is always unknown.
  4. Blood contains hair growth promoting factors as well as hair growth inhibiting factors. The balance of the two determines whether a person has hair loss or hair growth . A person losing hair has more of hair growth inhibiting factors in the blood. PRP of the person ends up having more inhibiting factors leading to hair loss and not delivering desired benefit from the procedure.
  5. PRP is not FDA approved but most people proceed to do it as its is your own blood and is considered relatively harmless.