The Scientific Basis of Cyclical Vitamin Therapy :

Various ailments often require the use of not one but multiple nutrients as adjunct, either to improve the outcome of the therapy or for  promotion of wellness along with the therapy. Hair loss management is one such concern where multiple nutrients are necessary. Metabolic turnover in hair follicle is compared to bone marrow and intestinal epithelium. Hair follicle follows, generation, rest, involution and regeneration in regular cycles. Three to four months is one telogen hair cycle.

The nutritional support is required for over a year, if it should continue for a few cycles. In order to prevent possibility of long term side effects, overdose, and inter nutrient interaction we were inspired to use different nutrients on different days of the week. Cyclical vitamin therapy is a unique way of using multiple nutrients in efficient combinations and low doses to improve efficiency, prevent interaction, improve gastric tolerance, avoid side effects and reduce the total cost of the therapy.

How the Cyclical Vitamin Therapy works :

In order to increase the efficiency, prevent interactions and reduce the dosage of the vitamins and nutrients required for hair growth, we have combined two vitamin formulations that would help each other to work better on Monday, next two on Tuesday and a third combination on Wednesday, the cycle continues to repeat on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Sunday is a break or a specific additional supplement can be added on Sundays. The plan allows you to include multiple nutrients without possibility of overdose and also reduces cost of the therapy as each nutrient is administered two times a week instead of the routine use as seven times a week.

Cyclical Vitamin Therapy and Wellness :

Hair growth can be achieved by fighting hair loss with anti androgens, enzyme blockers and medications with potential side effects. Or by strengthening the hair roots with the right choice of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and promoting hair growth (1,2,3,4). However, excess use of antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin E, omega 3 can cause hair loss instead of hair growth (1,2,3,4). Hair growth achieved through a combination of nutrients delivers wellness, good health and hair growth without the possibility of side effects from the use of hair loss medications. In this article we are attempting to share the approach for selective use of nutrient combinations and avoiding nutrient interactions to achieve hair growth. A similar approach of selective synergistic combinations can be applied for general wellness.