PRP is used to obtain hair growth factors from the patients blood and injected into the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Since the level of growth factors in the blood of patients having hair loss is low, the technique involves taking 20-30 ml of blood and concentrating it to 3-4 ml, discarding the blood components and injecting the concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This is regular PRP.


  • There is no measurement of which growth factors are concentrated in regular PRP and at what levels.
  • Patients blood contains hair growth promoting factors as well as hair growth inhibiting factors. Both get concentrated during the process. In a patient who is losing hair the inhibitory factors may be more and end up defeating the purpose of the PRP. Hence results are unpredictable and short lasting.
  • Apart from the platelet the other blood components from 20-30 ml of blood are discarded as waste.
  • The procedure is painful and needs to be repeated several times discarding other blood components every time.


  • Conditions like hemophilia caused by lack of factor VII in the blood by birth have always been treated with ready to use available growth factors from the lab.
  • There is no need to draw 20-30 ml of patients blood.
  • Three important hair growth factors IGF, FGF and VEGF can be obtains ready to use from a lab and injected easily.
  • Cost of the therapy is less.
  • Outcome is always predictable and good as this does not contain inhibitory factors like TGF beta.
  • Injections are less painful and can be repeated once in 3-4 weeks as required.
  • The therapy can be combined with Hair Fact Vitamins, LLLT Hair Regrowth Laser for additional benefit.