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Hair growth with laser

Hair growth with laser

Hungarian researcher Mester in 1967 found that 500 milliwatts, low power 694nm ruby laser increased hair growth on the backs of shaved mice. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been used to reduce inflammation.
LLLT is proposed to act by stimulation of mitochondria to produce more ATP and Cyclic AMP with activation of response to oxidative stress, displacing NO (nitric oxide) out of the cells and allowing more oxygen to enter.

FUE Surgery

Released NO also induces vasodilatation and improves blood flow to the hair roots. In our practice LLLT may not be advised alone but has benefit when used as adjunct to the medicines and also helps in post transplant cases.

- Hair growth lasers acts by improving the blood flow and oxygenation to hair roots.

- It is especially useful for hair re-growth over the crown area.

FUE Surgery

- Hair growth lasers control over the activity of oil, sebum glands, reduce irritation and reduces dandruff.

- In addition to the roots that are growing hair, there are at least 30% more which are lying dormant or at sleeping stage. These can be awakened via LLLT and recruited back in hair growth stage.

Hair growth lasers work scientifically in the following manager

- Enhance the oxygen exchange chain in Mitochondria, leading to more ATP and Cyclic AMP formation.

- Displacement of Nitric Oxide and Toxins out of the cells allowing more oxygen to enter for better growth.

- Induced angiogenesis, forming new blood vessels around the hair follicles.

- Reduce inflammation and activates response to Reactive Oxygen Species – ROS.

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Explanation on Hair Growth Cycle by Dr.Rajesh Rajput.

Dr. Rajesh Rajput explains the benefits of Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT). which are as follows: