Clinical success of research work by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rajesh Rajput, Rajendrasingh has been granted a patent as ‘Novel Therapy for Hair Loss’.


The therapy kindles ‘Nutrigenetics’ of the hair growth cycle with once in three days, low dose vitamins, minerals, omega 3, biotin, amino acids, herbal phytochemicals, and flavinoids proportions. You can find 12 different peer-reviewed publications of the research on the prestigious ‘Reserchgate’ community portal, where this work has over 6500 global research followers.

The specific therapy is tailored for each type of hair loss. You can see successful hair regrowth within 2-3 months for:

  • Hormonal hair loss

  • Thyroid hair loss

  • DHT hair loss

  • PCOD hair loss

  • Stress-induced hair loss

  • Post Pregnancy hair loss

  • Hair loss from crash dieting

  • Post Menopausal hair loss

  • Hair loss in Smokers

  • Hair loss due to Hard water

  • Hair loss due to pollution

Cost of the therapy is Rs. 1500 – 2000 per month including scalp applications & shampoo. You can send a request for a free consultation through Contact us

  • No more loosing money with hair loss treatments.
  • No False promises,
  • No failed expectations
  • No misleading Advertisements
  • No Finasteride, No Minoxidil, No Side effects
  • Assured Hair Growth from a person/innovator honored internationally.
  • The treatment is approved and registered with US FDA, Health Canada, Australian TGA.