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Recycling Old Transplant

Recycling Old Transplant

The rising pressure of being presentable even in simplest of professions and desire to look good has created a market of gullible hairy loss patients ready to be exploited.

With our 25yrs of experience we have been and corrected various old transplant clinics run as business brands and new owners looking for income offer hair transplants to anybody having hair loss, unplanned inexperienced transplants can lead to the following problems that require correction.

1. Pluggy punch grafts or Dolls hair like grafts -

Pluggy looking large punch grafts, take the effort to remove them carefully do not waste the precious roots. Dissect them into 1 and two hair micrografts and implant them back with better distribution and better density.

2. Low Hairline -

Patients continue to ask for very low hairlines not realizing that they look artificial and are immediately detected. we carefully remove the low placed grafts and place them behind the hairline to add density and create a gradual curve with natural wave to the hairline.

3. Wrong temporal angles and corners -

Temporal corners may be rounded too much, placed forward or created in poor density, strong temporal points with poor density on the top look out of place Rounded half circle temporal corners look unnatural, grafts in temples facing backwards, upwards or forwards make them standard grow out like horns. Careful removal of these grafts without wasting the precious follicle and recreating aesthetic landmarks of the hairline and temporal angles is of prime importance.

4. All single hair -

Hair grows in natural units of 1,2,3 & 4 hair each commercial in order to increase the changes divide 2,3,4 hair grafts into 1 hair each and implant all single hair which looks scanty. Addition of natural 2,3,4 hair units distributed randomly throughout the area can change the pattern & improve the looks.

5. Transplants without provision for hair growth:

Transplanted hair requires stimulation of hair growth and provision of building blocks for the cells to divide and create new hair. Many men and women having failure of growth in the transplanted hair begin to have good results by following a simple hair care program with scalp applications and vitamins without the need for another transplant.