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Hair Fact Vitamin Thearapy

Patients are looking for hair loss treatments because they assume that continued hair fall will lead to baldness. But the scientific fact is nobody ever becomes bald due to falling of hair. You become bald because fallen hair is not replaced with new hair. There are many people who are losing 50-100 hair per day which is normal. Those who stop getting replacement of new hair in the place of this fallen hair become bald.

You have 100,000 - 120,000 hair follicles on the head. If you lose 100 per day or 3000 per month, it is just around 3% of the total, which cannot make you bald. These falling hair need to be replaced with new hair to maintain your hair in good shape. When the replacement stops, you gradually become minus for every 4 months’ cycle and become bald over the next 5, 10 or 15 years. The key is not fighting hair fall but ensuring replacement of the weak fallen hair with strong healthy new hair.

Even if you successfully fight the hair fall you shall achieve only 3-5% improvement in the total hair which was falling. In an effort to fight the hair fall you are neglecting the fact that the other 95-97% of the hair is willing to grow and can be made stronger so that it never falls in the next cycle.

In order to fight the hair loss, you need to use anti hormones, enzyme blockers, steroids which may have undesired effects on other systems in the body. Whereas to strengthen the hair roots, promote better growth and prevent hair from becoming weak and falling, you need to use antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, B-complex, Biotin. These nutritional supplements have no side effects, they deliver wellness, good health and hair growth. This is our unique approach which has given consistent results to over 45,000 patients in the past 21 years.

Hair growth requires regular scalp care with shampoos, stimulation of hair growth with applications, and a supply of the nutrients which are the building blocks for creation of new growing hair.

Antioxidants, vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc, amino acids, omega 3 and more are required for good hair growth. These nutrients interact with each other when administered together. The nutrients also need to be continued for a long time.

In order to improve the efficiency and reduce the dosage we have created a system of using different nutrients on different days of the week. We combine two formulations that have synergy with each other on each day of the week. Six nutrients are spread over a 3-day cycle. What you have on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday repeats on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, with a break on Sunday. The Hair Fact therapy is available as ready to use pre packed male and female kits, along with peptide gel for stimulation of hair growth. Hair Fact can be used as standalone therapy or can be combined to enhance the outcome of PRP, Derma roller, LLLT Laser, Growth factor injections, Mesotherapy and Hair Transplant.

Hair Fact controls hair loss and stimulates new hair growth within 3 months. Hair Fact Therapy is approved by US FDA, Australian TGA and Health Canada. Over 1000 Trichologists, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons have been using this therapy for past few years. Over one hundred fifty thousand patients have already benefited with Hair Fact Therapy.

Indications and causes of hair loss where we can use Cyclical Vitamin Therapy with assured results

Hereditary Hair loss Hereditary hair loss running in the family indicates that you have a high chance of getting hair loss as compared to others who do not have a family history of the condition. However timely prevention, good care and promotion of growth offered by a complete Cyclical Vitamin Therapy can strengthen the roots protect them from damage and ensure good growing hair. The comparison is same as knowing your father is diabetic, you avoid sugar, exercise regularly, do not become fat and avoid diabetes. Suppose in case you get the diabetes, it is surely treatable just like all others. You can shun the idea that hereditary hair loss is untreatable.
Male Pattern Hair loss Pattern hair loss is a slow, gradual hair loss from specific areas. A small percentage of weak hair falls off for every cycle. In males it begins along the temporal corners and crown area. The well planned Cyclical Vitamin Therapy prevents these hair roots from becoming weak, it strengthens the roots so that they hold well for a longer time and do not fall. The therapy also regrows new hair to replace the fallen hair and reverses baldness up to 30% or more.
Female pattern Hair loss Female pattern hair loss begins along the sides, parting line and mid scalp areas. In females the good three and four hair follicles start getting converted to single hair. Thus women experience lack of volume, lack of body and lack of bounce in the hair. The well planned Cyclical Vitamin Therapy provides active support for regrowth of the follicle together and restores hair quality and hair density in women, effectively seen on photographs within 3 months.
Telogen effluvium Telogen is the resting phase of the hair, which can be prematurely triggered due to an event or a known cause. The hair fall occurs 2-3 months after the event of the affecting cause. Visit to another place, exposure to excess heat or cold, trauma, surgery, psychological stress, any event can be a trigger. Cyclical Vitamin Therapy strengthens the roots and provides stimulation for hair regrowth to control hair fall and begin new regrowth of hair within 3 months.
Stress induced Hair loss Competitive life and stress of meeting deadlines is a leading cause of hair loss today. Selective strengths of antioxidants and micro nutrients, used in a specific proportion and sequence in the Cyclical Vitamin Therapy act together to counter the effects of stress and promote new hair growth.
Diffuse Thinning Diffuse thinning results from lack of regulation of hair growth. Asynchronous loss of growth among hair follicles in all areas of the scalp. Hair strands get pulled off easily. Such diffuse thinning cannot be attributed to any cause. The Cyclical Vitamin Therapy regulates stimulation of hair growth and provides nutrition required for the newly growing hair units to restore the hair cover again.
Crash Dieting Hair loss Lack of adequate nutrition during crash dieting forces the body to reorganise the priority to distribute available resources. Hair having no vital role in direct functioning of the body or keeping you alive, receives the lowest priority and is the first to be lost. Cyclical Vitamin Therapy provides low dose once in three days dosage of essential hair growth nutrient and restores hair growth.
Thyroid induced Hair loss Thyroid hormones T3 and T4 are made of tyrosin and iodine. Zinc is an important element in regulating the production of thyroid hormone. Lack of these essential nutrients leads to lack of production of the hormone. The Cyclical Vitamin Therapy has four variations, one of which provides essential nutritional elements to ensure functioning of the thyroid gland.
High Thyroid Hair loss Over active thyroid gland can also lead to hair loss as it accelerates all metabolic processes in the body creating a lack of nutrients from overuse and raised nutrient requirement. Providing adequate nutrients through a well planned variation of the four Cyclical Vitamin Therapies ensures good hair growth in hyper thyroid states.
Diabetic Hair loss In diabetes all the body processes and reactions are functioning at a very slow rate. Cyclical Vitamin Therapy provides nutrients which will provide support and accelerate functioning of all life processes in the body, resulting in restoration and maintenance of good hair growth. Low dose vitamins are a must for all diabetic patients.
PCOD Hair loss Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease is state of altered hormonal balance with changes sensitivity and levels of multiple hormones and regulators of wellness. Cyclical Vitamin Therapy restores the balance and provides for repair of the organs improving overall wellness and ensuring hair growth as well. Zinc, aminoacids, calcium are essential elements provided by Cyclical Vitamin Therapy.
Post Pregnancy Hair loss During pregnancy the female body creates another body out of it's own resources. Replacement of these body nutrients and stores is of prime importance to recover good health and support hair growth. Cyclical Vitamin Therapy provides a balance of nutrients to restore wellness.
Hair loss in growing teens Growing teens are full of activity physically as well as the new biochemical changes happening inside their body. Cyclical Vitamin therapy provides a variety of nutrients in low dose, well spread over a three day cycle supplying all needs without an overdose of any single mineral or vitamin.
Post menopausal Hair loss After menopause the hormonal changes lead to loss of stimulation of hair growth on the scalp. Cyclical Vitamin Therapy provides a well designed, regulated hair growth stimulation combined with essential nutrients like calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron which are also essential during menopause.
Post Bariatric Surgery Hair loss Bariatric Surgery reduces quantity of food and reduces surface area of the gastric mucosa available for absorption of the nutrients from the food. The Cyclical Vitamin Therapy provides two doses of every kind of vitamins, minerals, nutrients per week, to ensure good health as well as good hair growth.
Hair loss from prolonged medication Prolonged medications take the toll on Liver function reducing hair growth due to poor detoxification and accumulation of free radicals. The balanced use of antioxidants, selected essential aminoacids and nutrients in the Cyclical Vitamin Program restores health and good organ function delivering good hair growth.
Hair loss from prolonged illness or surgery Recovery from illness or surgery increased the demand of nutrients for repair and restoration of cellular functions in the body. The redirection of all resources for repair leaves hair without any support leading to drastic hair fall. The Cyclical Vitamin Therapy can responsibly match the demand during phases of recovery and ensure wellness along with continued hair growth.
Pollution induces hair loss Accumulation of free radicals around the cells hampers progress of cell division, new cell formation and growth. Pollution settles on the scalp and reached hair roots through follicular ostia that act as conduits connecting to deeper layers. Pollution provides readymade free radicals. The use of antioxidants and nutrients in the Cyclical Vitamin Therapy neutralises free radicals creating an environment favourable for hair growth.
Smoking induced hair loss Smoking creates free radicals which make environment unfavourable for growing cells. Smoking also constricts the capillaries that supply blood to the hair follicles leading to poor oxygenation that causes hair loss. The antioxidants and vitamins included in the Cyclical Vitamin Program neutralise the free radicals and provide better nutrition for growing cells to create new hair growth.
Excess Protein leads to hair loss End product of protein digestion is amino acid. Excess protein in any for makes the blood acidic. Acidic pH is not suitable for hair growth. This acidity is buffered by reabsorption of calcium into the blood, making the calcium unavailable for hair. Plus the high calcium begins to be excreted by the kidneys causing acquired calcium deficiency. Please avoid excess protein intake to have hair growth.
Supplement hair loss Excess Vit. A, Vit. E, Omegs 3, supplements interfere with the keratin deposition in the cells leading to hair loss instead of hair growth. Please avoid indiscriminate, unplanned, excess use of vitamins and supplements to ensure good hair growth. The Cyclical Vitamin Therapy uses low dose vitamins, minerals, nutrients once in three days to avoid overuse and ensure hair growth within 3 months.
Body building and Gym Supplement hair loss Body building supplements are not covered by FDA Guidelines. All the contents are not clearly declared on the label. Combination are termed as complex additives. Regular use of gym supplements leads to hair loss. These are meant for competition body building where you will find most of the body builders bald or for exhibition body building which also has most of the participants being bald. Body building for flexibility and fitness must be achieved with a balanced diet and good repetitions of the exercise not with excess proteins or supplements. Cyclical Vitamin Program provides balanced low dose nutrition without fear of excess of any individual component.
Parlour treatments All hair that grows out of the body is dead. Any protein, product packs applied on the dead hair will not make it strong or repair it from the roots. The hair will look better and be manageable for few days after the surface treatments but it does not change or grow better. For better growth you must nourish the hair from the inside from the cells that create the hair. Cyclical Vitamin Therapy acts by nourishing the hair roots and strengthening them from inside to give you effective growth within 3 months. Hair damaged with chemical treatments needs repair from inside.
Hair breakage after Parlour treatments Repeated straightening with hot irons, chemicals under different names and new promotional brands cause hair breakage from damage to the hair shaft. Cyclical Vitamin Therapy acts by nourishing the hair roots and strengthening them from inside to give you effective growth within 3 months. Hair damaged with chemical treatments needs repair from inside.
Hair loss from Colours and Hair Dyes All colours and dyes are equally damaging to the hair shaft and irritant to the scalp. Colouring once in 4-6 weeks could be tolerated by most hair types. More frequent use of colouring agent and dyes leads to damage. Cyclical Vitamin Therapy strengthens the roots and hair shafts from inside and allows them to recover from the damage.

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