Crown Thinning

Hair Growth – 4 months Cycle ❑ Growth — Breakdown — Fall — Resting phase followed by Re-growth & — Cycle should continue. ❑ But under unfavorable conditions hair remains in the resting phase and refuses to go back in the growth phase. ❑ Providing stimulation for growth along with building blocks required to generate new hair will then stimulate this hair back into the growth cycle.


Hair is the only organ that grows when cells die due to keratinization. The hair that grows out is dead. ❑ You cannot continue to apply protein packs, treatments on dead hair to stop the fall or grow it better. ❑ The hair will become manageable and look better due to such external treatments but real strength and growth always comes from inside.


Nobel Prize winning research 2016 Your cells of the hair can be destroyed to compensate for any need of Nutrients ( A phenomenon called autophagy ) or compensated failure. Dr. Yoshinori Oshumi from Japan was awarded the Noble Prize for Medicine in 2016 for his work on autophagy. If iron levels or amino acid levels are low, they will be restored by arresting the growth of the hair follicles. The…

Why not PRP
PRP attempts to draw 20 – 30 cc of blood concentrate the plasma to 4-5 ml, in order to increase the density of growth factors and inject if around it around the hair follicles into the scalp to induce new growth clinically this does not always result in hair growth. Why? Only inducing hair growth is not enough. You need to proved a toxin free environment and supply the…