Food retained over time is prevented from looking stale when kept in the refrigerator. But this food has deteriorated in the nutritional content though it looks as colorful and shiny as it was. Food rewarmed from the refrigerator activates growth of contaminating microorganisms. If using the fridge is unavoidable, restrict to keeping foods in the fridge not more than a day and only one rewarming or reuse of the stored…


People cannot control hunger or decide to spare only a few minutes to satisfy hunger. Junk food contains no useful nutrition or calories but is made to an addicting taste by adding artificial tastemakers, stabilizers, and preservatives. Consuming such food provides no active nutrients but increases the load for detoxification on the liver and kidney. It not only leaves unattended free radicals in the cells but further increases the load…


Packed food is processed with artificial flavours, preservatives, additives to prolong the shelf life of the product. Pesticides are added to prevent contamination during transport and storage. We consume food to fight the damage done to the body from toxins, free radicals and restore cell function. Packaged food carries more toxins, chemicals and free radicals within. Hence it is best to avoid the burden of consuming packaged foods.


Foods mature after exposure to sunlight, air temperatures, rain, soil and micro organisms in the area. These foods overcome all harmful factors and circumstances to achieve good growth. The foods have developed beneficial properties of immunity and resistance to environmental conditions for the season. Thus selecting seasonal foods allows us to gain the benefits of nature most suitable and required for the particular season.